Melon (When available) £3.50
Fresh chilled melon.

Prawn Cocktail £3.50
Succulent prawns our own mayonnaise.

Onion Bhaji £3.50
Onion mixed with spices and herbs then deep fried.

Samosa £3.50
Crisp pastry filled with minced lamb.

Shami kebab £3.95
Specially fried lamb, finely minced, flavoured with spices and herbs,

Murg kebab £3.95
Chicken minced with onions, special herbs and spices.

Prawns on Puree £4.95
Spicy prawns on fried bread.

Aloo Chat £3.95
Oven cooked baby potatoes tossed with hot and sour spices.


Sheekh kebab £6.95
Lamb minced with onions, special herbs and spices skewered and barbecued.

Chicken Tandoori £6.95
Tender chicken, marinated in yoghurt and spices.

Chicken Tikka £6.95
Diced chicken marinated with mild spices.

Lamb Tikka £6.95
Very tender diced Iamb, marinated with mild spices.

Lamb Chop Tandoori £7.95
Lamb chops marinated in a special sauce.

Chicken Shashlic £7.95
Tender diced chicken, grilled in Tandoori oven with fresh green pepper, onions and tomatoes.

Tandoori Mixed Grill £13.95
Pieces of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Lamb Chop, Sheekh kebab and king Prawns.

king Prawn Tandoori £12.95
Mildly spiced succulent king prawns.


Prawn Curry £6.95
Fresh-water prawn cooked in medium sauce.

Prawn Bhuna £6.95
Fresh-water prawn cooked with spices. Served in special thick spicy sauce.

Sag Prawn £6.95
Prawns cooked with spinach.

Prawn Dhansak £8.95
Prawns cooked with hot, sweet and sour lentil sauce.

king Prawn Bhuna £10.95
Fresh-water king prawn simmered in a medium hot sauce with a variety of fresh spices, onion, tomatoes and green pepper.

king Prawn Mossala £11.95
Tandoori grilled king prawn cooked in mild sauce.

king Prawn karahi £10.95
Fresh-water king prawn cooked in medium sauce and tossed in karahi (iron souk).


Lamb korma £7.50
Lamb flavoured with mild kashmiri herbs, cooked in fresh cream.

Sag Gosth £6.95
Medium lamb cooked with fresh spinach.

Rogon josh £6.95
Medium hot Iamb cooked with tomatoes, green peppers and served in spicy sauce.

karahi Gosth £7.50
Medium hot lamb cooked in spices and tossed dry in an iron karahi (souk).

Lamb Dhansak £7.95
Lamb cooked in sweet, sour and hot lentil souce.

Balanced flavour of hot, sweet, sour and salty. Served with Nan Bread.


Chicken korma £7.50
Diced chicken flavoured with dried nut, cooked in fresh cream.

Chicken Dupiaza £6.95
Medium chicken cooked with extra onion and spices.

Rogon Chicken £6.95
Medium hot, cooked with tomatoes and cream.

Sag Chicken £6.95
Medium hot diced chicken cooked with fresh spinach.

Jeera Chicken £7.50
Diced chicken cooked with cumin seeds.

karahi Chicken £7.50
Medium hot chicken cooked with spices, tossed dryish in an
iron karahi (souk).

Garlic Chicken £7.95
Diced chicken cooked with extra fresh garlic and spices.

Chicken Dhansak £7.95
Diced chicken cooked hot, sweet and sour in lentil sauce.



Set Meal for One Person £18.95
Our chef-selected assortment of starters followed by Chicken Tikka Massala, Vegetable Curry, Pilaw Rice, kulfi and Coffee or Tea.

Set Meal for Two Persons £36.95

Our chef-selected assortment of starters followed by Tandoori Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogon Josh, AIoo Gobi, Nan, Pilaw Rice, Gulabjam and Coffee or Tea.


Sylheti Lebu Mossala (S. L. M.) £8.95
Chicken or Lamb cooked with hathkora (citrus) with fairly hot spices A speciality from Syihet region in North-East Bangladesh

Paneerwala Murg £8.95
Pieces of chicken tossed with home made cottage cheese, spring
onion and ginger

Bhuna Egg £6.50
Medium Hot, Eggs cooked with fresh herbs and spices



Chicken Tikka Mossala (C T M ) £7.95
Boneless barbecued chicken pieces, flavoured with fenugreek, cooked with tomatoes and ground spices

Tandoors Butter Chicken £7.95
Boneless grilled chicken cooked in mild sauce with green pepper, onion, garlic and ginger

Chicken jaifrezi £7.95
Fairly hot chicken dish with onion and green pepper

Lamb Pasanda £7.95
Tender lamb marinated in spices, cooked with herbs and fresh cream.


Sag Aloo (Spinach and potatoes) £4.50

Bindi Mossala (Fresh ladies fingers cooked with butter and spices) £4.50

Chana Mossala (Chick peas cooked with butter and spices) £4.50

Tarka Dali (Lentil cooked with garlic and onion) £4.50

Bombay Aloo (Hot, spicy potatoes) £4.50

Sag (Spinach fried in butter with onion and herbs) £4.50

Aloo Gobi (Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with spices) £4.50

Brinjal Bhajee (Fresh aubergine cooked in butter with spices) £4.50

Mixed Vegetable Curry £4.50
Potatoes, peas, beans, etc. cooked in butter and spices.

Sag Ponir (Spinach cooked with home made cheese) £4.50

Mutter Ponir (Home made cheese cooked with peas in fresh cream) £4.50

Palak Bhajee (When available) £4.50
Fresh, green, leafy vegetable cooked in butter with spices.


Biryani of The Day £9.95
Basmati rice cooked with chicken, lamb or vegetables.

Pilaw Rice (Fried basmati rice) £2.50

Plain Rice (Boiled basmati rice) £2.25

Fried Rice (With mushroom or vegetable) £3.95


Peshwari Nan (With fine almonds and sultanas) £2.50

keema Nan (With minced meat) £2.50

Mixed Raitha (Yoghurt with cucumber, onion and light spices) £2.95

Lassi (Sweet or salted yoghurt drink) £1.95